Training and Development

  • A-MC Consulting, stresses that selection and recruitment is only the first step in the Human Resource process.

    Another crucial step is found in the training and assessment process. A-MC provides in-depth services regarding all the stages of the training process. Based on extensive research, we can provide training programs that are tailor-made to our client’s needs.

    Training at A-MC Consulting is seen as an ongoing process that entails personal contact with our clients to determine their needs, as well as pre and post training consultation and support.

    Our aim is to enable our clients not only to recognize but to maximize the strengths of their human resources, which will lead to greater teamwork, dedication, loyalty and productivity.

    Training enables all individuals at all levels to recognize and gain skills that will enable them to reach their short and long term goals.

    We have designed training programs to cater to all needs and levels.

    A-MC Consulting involved in all parts of the training process starting from the administrative and communicative and finally and most importantly to the evaluative stage.

    Evaluation and assessment is a part of the training process that provides feedback to our client’s. Each evaluation process is a mean to ensure better quality of service. It is a process that allows our clients to gain insight into future needs, demands and trends leading to better quality and cost worthiness.

        • Gap Analysis
        • Metric Analytics