Hr Services

A-MC Consulting’s has a reputation of a reliable partner in the field of recruitment. We guarantee strict confidentiality of any personal data that is entrusted to us during our cooperation. We are consistent in our procedures, which is a prerequisite of stable results. The rule we follow unconditionally is to maintain a close cooperation and keep both our Clients and Candidates updated. We understand that a “one size fits all” approach does not work. That is why we develop client-focused partnerships and innovative solutions designed to meet our clients’ unique needs.

We offer a wide spectrum of employment services to facilitate managers to concentrate on their own tasks. We provide the flexibility and options to serve all employment needs in all aspects of Human Resources Practices

Our team of committed recruitment consultants is constantly updated with al new Developments in the Labor Legislation and recruitment techniques:

      • RECRUITMENT (Permanent & Temporary)
      • PAYROLL
    • Executive Search & Selection

We use a combination of searching our extensive candidate database, advertising and targeted search / headhunting, therefore ensuring a great fit. Our process is somewhat similar from position to position but when it comes to specific interview processes & questions, we have tailored questions & processes. We arrange all interviews and help each party along the process. We offer our clients advice from interview procedures to contract and salary negotiations. 

Consulting maintains a Confidential Database of high-level professionals to cover almost all areas of recruitment, at all level and functions such as Information Technology, Systems, Software, Hardware, Telematics, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Finance professionals. Through the strength of experience and time-tested knowledge, we have a unique ability to match client needs with candidate strengths.


      • Interview
      • Personality Tests
      • Psychometric Tests
      • Verification of References


We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect, and we interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients

The contacts we have established within the recruitment arena, pay dividends when we seek a candidate with specific skills. Whenever this approach is required, we have the capacity to draw up a short list of candidates using following resources:

      • Data Base
      • Head Hunting
      • Advertising
    • Permanent 
    • Temporary
    • Interim Management

Our Interim Managers are highly skilled professionals with vast experience in their fields.  They are available at short notice and can use their skills without any further training. They are handpicked to suit the client, which means that they have extensive knowledge and experience in the client’s field. Interim Managers are usually welcomed by permanent staff members because they bring their knowledge and skills into the company and do not pose a threat to other positions.


Interim Managers are paid on a project basis. This benefits the company since there are no additional costs such as pension, sick leave and other recruitment costs.

In addition, there are no termination costs when the Interim Manager’s project is completed.

Finally, Interim Management is a guarantee for any company because such managers are not only checked and approved to fit the specific needs of a company, but are also monitored during the course of their project to make sure that they are providing the best possible service. In addition, if an Interim Manager is not able to live up to the expectations of a client they are replaced at no further cost.

      • Contingency

This simply means we get paid when the candidate starts working with our client. A contract can have many variables but basically, clients make no financial commitment to us. We source and introduce candidates to clients according to their brief and fees are applicable upon hiring. 

    • Virtual Human Resources Solutions

We provide wide range of Professional HR services such as:

      • Outsourced Human Resource Manager
      • Payroll Processing
      • Human Resource Audits
    • Payroll Outsourcing/BPO

Human Resources it is complex, costly, and constantly changing. And the stakes are high. Human Resources touch so many areas of businesses: benefits administration, time and attendance, talent management, even payroll. The advantages are:

      • Lower expenses for Human Resources staff, infrastructure, and technology
      • Human Resources teams freed up to focus on more strategic tasks
      • Improved overall global operations through streamlined processes
      • Access to one of the best global technology platforms in the outsourcing industry
      • Lower exposure to risk and compliance regulations

With an all–in–one approach to Human Resources BPO, sophisticated software plus expert service means better HR for our clients.

Payroll Outsourcing Procedure

  • We manage the payroll process end to end
  • Prepare the monthly payroll processing
  • Generate payslips for staff
  • Tax integration
  • Prepare schedules for statutory submissions i
  • Make payment of statutory deductions to the relevant authorities
  • Prepare the relevant annual and quarterly income tax reports

Our Human Resources BPO solution combines, processes, technology and dedicated service to supplement our client in-house resources. Or we can act as Human Resources department.

    • Personnel Satisfaction Surveys

Personnel Satisfaction Survey recognizes both the needs and obstacles that create problems in reaching result-orientated goals regarding both practical and Human Resource issues.

PSS, is one of the tools that assist in the development of greater productivity of a company’s human resources as well as the best possible work environment for all those concerned. This research conducted by our consultants, indicates all communication parameters of the work force within an organization or in relation to the company’s clients.

The results of the PSS have the potential to be used not only to increase productivity but to improve relations amongst a company and its clients.


    • Health, Security and Safety 

Besides reducing costs, effective safety and health management promotes business efficiency. Thousands of work-related accidents, resulting in more than three days off work are reported to the Health and Safety Authority each year. Work-related diseases and ill-health are more difficult to measure due to their long latency period but result in excess of one million days lost at work each year. Our qualified consultants will give you practical advice and recommendations on developing an occupational safety, health and welfare management system for larger workplaces, with an already well defined management structure, which maybe at one or more locations. At A-MC Consulting., we can assist you in minimizing workplace safety risks and ensure the compliance with OSHA standards. 

      • Implementing and enhancing employee wellness programs
      • Providing resources to ensure recordkeeping compliance, including OSHA forms, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
      • Managing workers’ compensation
      • Analyzing and developing a formal safety program
      • Formulating processes and procedures to address illegal substances and workplace violence.
      • Assisting your organization with Emergency Readiness and procedures for Continuity of Operations.
      • Preparing your employees for the unthinkable with our Active Training.